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Glow in the Dark LA Monster

Glow Byooki.jpg
Glow Byooki (Dark).jpg
Glow Byooki.jpg
Glow Byooki (Dark).jpg
sold out

Glow in the Dark LA Monster


This MONSTROUS 2" gooey, drippy, bloody, slimy, gory, ostentatiously atrocious, LA pin is finally here and will NOT last long! These are designed by the incredibly talented, notorious, @b_y_o_o_k_i (check him out on Instagram).

This is the ULTIMATE Full Glow Edition that will melt the face of any who gaze upon it.

Only 3 of these available outside of the 3 piece sets.

2" Soft Enamel Pins - Double Posted - Backstamped

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